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Key Facts

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Facts taken from Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network (RAINN) website. RAINN allows you to search by state and/or zip code in order to find the rape crisis center nearest you.


image of SFWAR training manual cover

SFWAR's Training Manual is a compilation of articles to both supplement and accompany the topics covered during our 77 hour CA Certified Rape Crisis Counselor Training. Additional materials are provided below on this page that were not able to be included in the manual. Volunteers may purchase a manual at the beginning of training to cover the basic printing costs. Sliding scale is available if necessary. Please contact the Director of Volunteers and Hotline for more information.


SFWAR Brochures

Download WOAD brochure.

INFORMATIONAL ARTICLES (PDFs unless otherwise noted)

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History of the Rape Crisis Movement
Child Sexual Assault & Youth
Domestic Violence
Survivors with Disabilities
Ritual Abuse
Sexual Assault in Communities of Color
Immigrant Survivors
Queer & Trans Survivors
Male Survivors
State Violence
Transformative Justice
Harm Reduction

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