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Nadia Khastagir  is one of the founding members of Design Action Collective in Oakland, CA. providing strategic visual communications for progressive and social movement organizations. She is also in The Ruckus Society and the Center for Story-based Strategy training networks. She is also a member of Asians 4 Black Lives.

Alicia Maldonado  was born in San Diego, California and raised just up the coastline. She attended the University of San Francisco (USF) and graduated with a degree in Communications Studies. While at USF, Alicia ran a queer student group and motivated community building in the LGBTQ community for 5 years. Alicia was also active in the modern abolitionist movement by mapping slavery in San Francisco. This work gave her a global perspective of the interconnectedness of oppression and inspired her interest in social movements.

Anjali Verma Ruvalcaba  As a longtime SFWARRIOR, Anjali has been instrumental in fundraising for WALK AGAINST RAPE for over 8 years. As one of SFWAR’s top individual fundraisers, she has raised over $30,000 for WALK. She is fiercely committed to ending violence in our communities and has previously worked at Episcopal Community Services of San Francisco and at St. Vincent de Paul Society of San Francisco. She is also a part of South Asian Sisters, a collective dedicated to empowering our community to resist all forms of oppression.


Brass Liberation Orchestra

Brass Liberation Orchestra   The Brass Liberation Orchestra makes loud on the streets to inspire, instigate, agitate, mourn, celebrate, and communicate. We stand in solidarity with groups and movements who are working for a more just and equitable world. We are a work in progress. We work to build a multigender / multiracial / multigenerational group that enhances and strengthens the culture of the Left. Learn more at

Carolé Acuña

Carolé Acuña  After becoming a professional dancer at 14, Ms. Acuña has been quite busy since. One of the featured professionals in Sunset Magazine as “Living The Dream” and named a “A star in her own right” by Ann Murphy of the Oakland Tribune News, Carolé (pronounced Carolay) is a Meisner trained actor, comedian, flamenco & modern dancer, choreographer, writer, activist. She is a Sanford Meisner Film Festival, Best Supporting Actress Nominee, an Isadora Duncan Dance Award (Izzie) nominee in individual performance, was just invited to be on the Izzie award committee. Her work is seen in film, theater, television, commercials, heard on the radio. She carries on the Flamenco and Spanish Dance legacy of her world renowned mother and is the assistant director of Carolina Lugo’s & Carolé Acuña’s Ballet Flamenco. Carolé was named “The top flamenco dancer in America” on So You Think You Can Dance, she also warmed up the other auditioning dancers with some stand-up comedy by request of the judges. “Acuña expertly raises one eyebrow and with her chin up, she balances on a three-inch stiletto heel. Suddenly, the comedienne slumps, lowering her foot and eyebrow simultaneously as she delivers her punchline on stage in front of a laughing audience.”– Janice De Jesus, Contra Costa Times. She was one of the original hand picked chosen artists by Jennifer Lopez to be on Q’Viva! The Chosen. Her artistic works have a focus on social change, she is actively involved with San Francisco Women Against Rape (SFWAR) and creator of Climate Narwhal.

Susana y sus Amigos

Susana y sus Amigos  Susana y sus Amigos are Mission- based, Salsa & Latin Jazz band that are devoted to making people happy through their music. Often performing around the city at various venues and community gatherings, these musicians are passionate about building and strengthening community while raising awareness around issues such as gentrification.

Young Gifted and Black

Young Gifted and Black  Young, Gifted and Black, or YGB, is an organization of youth between the ages of 6 – 18. The 50 members of YGB are organized in three groups: 1) Elementary/MS; 2) YGB Kings (MS/HS Boys); 3)YGB Sheroes (MS/HS Girls). The members represent 31 schools in the Bay Area, public, parochial, independent, and private. Its home base is Oakland, CA, and it is in its seventh year of operation. The focus of Young, Gifted and Black is to study, intensely, African-American history and culture through spoken word, poetry, music, and travel. The performances are the result of the lessons learned through completed studies and related experiences, and differ in content, each appropriate to the age and grade levels of the presenting group. YGB is directed by Laroilyn H. Davis, Educator; Hodari B. Davis, former National Program Director for Youth Speaks, Inc., and Candice Wicks Davis, Educator and Performer. The group is sponsored by, and is a part of the educational initiatives of the 100 Black Men of the Bay Area, Inc. To discover more about the power of this group of young people, please see our website,, or go to the Young, Gifted and Black Facebook page. To explore booking the group for a performance, please see “Book Us” on our website menu.